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    Sports rituals or superstitions

    So we all have silly superstitions or theories when we watch sports, and betting only amplifies the sillyness imo. I thought about this the other day when I was sweating a NBA game, and was watching it on my laptop. I was moving the cursor over the ballhandler as my team was on defense. I caught myself and afterward couldn't help but LOL @ myself. Don't act like you don't do silly things like that. The other day I was off of my couch with my hands in the air as if I were a defender. I get into games W/O $$$ involved, but with $$$ on the line I go overboard LOL. What silly things do you guys do while watching sports, or what superstitions do you have.

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    I have no idea what your talking about man.

    JDS boobytrap spelled backwards is partyboob
    PooffyFooffy omg I need to play there more, were u in da game?
    JDS @PooffyFooffy no Pooffy its just a fun fact

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