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    SEC conference once again the best in college football!

    Five SEC teams in the top 10.Two teams in top five and we should have the #1 team in the nation and the darkhorse razerbacks

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    agree sec rules college football....alabama already look national champioship ready..

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    Jun 2012
    I'm biased for the Big 10, but I agree that the SEC is a powerhouse. It's reign will end this season though ;P
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    Ii think arkansas is going really be some good competition for bama and the tigers watch out for niles davis

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    After spending 4 years in the heart of SEC country and watching Alabama, Auburn, Alabama go back to back to back there is nothing that even compares to college football in the SEC.

    Yea the reign will come to an end and will eventually but I would love to see teams like USC, Ohio State, Mich (saw what happen sat.), Oregon (saw what happen 2 years ago) and other powerhouses play the week by week schedule you have to play in the SEC.

    Its just flat out amazing the SEC West has won the last year with teams just beating up on each other week after week then beating someone in the national title game that play 1 maybe 2 big games all year, its a joke.

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