I used to run a football pool in this way, but since we have so many expert bettors here (none better than sturtle), i had an idea for a contest here.

Every day you post a parlay here - MINIMUM of 3 teams for the contest, no maximum. If it loses, you get 0 points. if it wins, you get whatever the payout odds are (so if my parlay is 6:1 and it hits, i get 6 pts). All sports are eligible, anything running that day would count. 1 parlay a day for the contest.

Figure as a trial run, we can run it over the course of the week (starting Monday 5/23 and ending on the 29th). Don't care how much we initially invest but i think it would be a little different (maybe $5-$10 a person to start). I'd be willing to run it as a weekly prize thing or we can set a point total you have to hit and run this as a progressive pot.

I know trogers and emil will be in, i don't need them to say it. Post here if you're interested or if you'd like to alter the scoring system (spoiler - you won't).