So for those who don't care about fantasy football, I've decided to recreate the betting pool I'm in locally on PO.

1) You pick 5 games a week against the spread or total points - I will release the lines Wednesday morning as to whatever BCP sportsbook has them at, and thats what we base if off of no matter what line movement occurs. Out of your 5 games, you label one as your LOCK of the week. Every game but the Thursday game is in play. You get 3 points for getting your lock right, 1 point for every other game, and a bonus 5 if you hit a perfect week (so 12 max).

2) $50 for the season, payable before the 1st week of games start.

3) To ensure fairness with the picks, I will submit my weekly picks on Thursday when the lines are released as to not be influenced by anyone else's picks - I'd like a volunteer for that (looking at you Poof).

If we get less than 10 we can do winner take all. 10+ and we can pay top 2 70/30.