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    Ok It officially Matt Harvey is officially the best pitcher in MLB. Without a doubt in my mind he is the best.

    And he isn't even 100% yet imo. I would say he is like 85-90% strength and mentally it will take a little longer for him to full fully comfortable on the mound without the scare of injuring himself again....

    But yea its time that we give the king of NY "The Dark Knight" his crown and he is officially the Best Pitcher in Baseball!!!!


    Matt Harvey

    5-1 2.41 ERA

    harvey espn 1.jpg

    harvey dark knight.jpg

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    Yea he is a flat out stud but typical Harvey got screwed by the bullpen today!!!!

    7IP, 3H, 0ER, 9K's

    Just flat out dominate the whole game. He pitched a clinic today for the opposing batter since he was unhittable!

    Easily the best pitcher in the game and its not even debatable!!! Still think otherwise Coco, Prawn?

    Such a shame that the bullpen blew it for him tonight when he should be f**kin 6-1 right now with

    5-1/ 2.31 ERA / 47 K's / 7BB / 46.2 IP

    Would of loved for him to come out tonight and get the win after he got screwed his last start vs the Phillies.

    Anyways Harvey yet again comes out and the Mets just cant get him the run support. This Mets team has lost so many games to the score of 1-0, 2-1, 2-0, 3-2, Etc....
    I think its time for the Mets to make a move for a quality bat but without giving up a bluechip starting pitching prospect.

    Syndergaard and Matz are the next big thing. It make me laugh at the amount of blue chipper pitching we have. We have like a solid 4-5 #1 Starting Pitchers in Harvey, Syndergaard, deGrom, Wheeler, Matz, (Bartolo is pitching like a #1 but he is on the verge of death since he is like 97yrs old!! LMFAO) But hell of a pitcher.

    The world witness how good Syndergaard was last night just wait to the world witnesses Steven Matz who is a amazing fire throwing lefty with a deadly breaking ball...Just watch! And we need another lefty in our staff since we only got Niese (Who Niese too btw is leading the MLB in ERA/ (Or In the top 3)

    This pitching is just too god.. But also our Closer Familia who is the best closer in the game right now with 11 or 12 saves but he blew a save tonight or the run counted for Torres I'm not sure but either way he walked in a run with the bases loaded...Such a shame for when Harvey pitched so Well....So the last 22 starts Harvey pitched we lost both games and both games were so close...We gotta win each time the BEST PITCHER IN BASEBALL HITS THE MOUND!!!!!

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    Hell be the starter for the NL in the All Star Game this year no doubt in my mind....

    Or If anyone is giving him a run for his money its the Sexy baby Bartolo Colon!!! And you know what I think I would rather see Bartolo take the bump as the Starter for the NL this year HAHAHA. Just funny because he is like 41 yrs old and is pitching better than ever. You cant go wrong with a pitcher that is consistent and painting the corners with ease. Its unhittable when he is blowing it inside corners and outside corner. He is pitching great this year only oppose to 1 game where he didn't do that well but other than that, he has been fanf**kintastic!

    Thank god the Mets didn't trade him. Even though they were looking for anything for him and would of moved him for basically a bag of balls lol because of his 10M salary. But thank god nobody wanted him. I love how he basically gets fatter and fatter each start! The fans love him. MLB basically loves him because he is a genuinely nice guy and just goes out there and plays for the love off the game.

    Besides Mets haters (ala Coco and Riv) LOL...

    Who do you think should be starting for the NL in the All Star Game?

    Matt Harvey (5-1 / 46.2 IP / 47 K's / 2.31 ERA)

    Bartolo Colon (6-1 / 46.1 IP / 40 k's / 3.30 ERA)

    James Shields (5-1 / 48.1 IP / 60K's / 3.91 ERA)

    Zach Grienke (5-0 / 47.1 IP / 39K's / 1.52 ERA*)

    Garrett Cole (5-1 / 42.2 IP / 45 K's / 2.32 ERA)

    * Best ERA in NL

    My top 3 would be:

    1- Matt Harvey
    2- Zach Greinke
    3- Bartolo Colon

    LETS GO METS!!!!

    *If I did one for Red Sox, I wonder where all the Red Sox starting pitching would rank among the top AL starters LOL <---Coco (But yea I agree with you when you said in Spring training that Red Sox got better pitching that the Mets....) **cough** LOL **cough**
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    16 straight scoreless innings..... And he does it again. 9ks baby! Great job tonight!

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    There is something VERY wrong with you.
    TON is GONE. Blame the Mods. They stopped caring, or at least that's how it looks and feels.

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    He's gotta get a hardon for something since no girl will touch his fat ass

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