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    Major complaint against the ufc

    I love the ufc. I appreciate ground game and like a good ground battle as much as a stand up battle.

    Saying that this new thing of making main events 5 rounds is imo a terrible idea. Not only a terrible idea but already after 2 shows it has proven to be a bad decision. First show that the 5 round main event was made was shogun vs hendo. The last 3 rounds was like watching 2 people fighting after drinking 2 litres of vodka each.

    Then tonight we saw the 2nd event with this stipulation and it was bisping vs miller. And i was watching this fight and in the 2nd round i was cringing that the thoughts of this fight going 5 rounds as already miller was barely keeping his hands up as he was gased already.

    I mean i understand their reasoning of wanting to make main events seem a step above the undercard. But i am of the belief that having a title fight be 5 rounds as opposed to 3 makes it more elite and more of a championship fight.

    So i really think their trials of making all main events 5 rounds have failed. As not only do the competitiors not really have anything to fight for in pushing themselves 5 rounds but so far from what i have seen, they simply dont have the talent.

    The reasone the title fights can go 5 rounds is because its generally the top 2 of that division that are fighting, Not just 2 and im sorry to say but in the case of shogun vs hendo, has beens, main eventing a fight

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    I agree but I don't think they will ever go back to 3 rounds.

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    I agree, I don't watch a lot of matches, but will catch it once in awhile. I don't think they will ever go back.

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    Yeah, now that they are doing 5 round championships, they will not go back to 3 rounds again. But you are right, the talent goes down going that long

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    While you do make some good valid points Prawney, I don't mind the 5 round fights that much. The fighters who are main eventing in them are really 1 or 2 steps from a title shot of their own, and it would be a good tune-up when they do get their 5 round championship fight.

    And with the Shogun vs. Hendo fight, if it would have ended after the normal 3 rounds, Henderson would have won easily and no one would be calling it one of the greatest MMA fights of all time.

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