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    Idea for superbowl squares!!!!

    Was wondering how meany would want to buy in to a 100 points squares for the superbowl. I need 100 spots at 100 points... heres the break down. we can do each quarter for the number.. and reverse numbers.. first 3 quarters... 1500 for right numbers and 500 for the reverse number... the final score... would be 3000 for the right number and 1000 for the revers numbers... Was woundering if you could do this on the sites???

    so if the first quarter is 7 to 3. who ever has 7 and 3 wins 1000 points.. whoever has 3 and 7 gets...500 points... and so on.....

    all let me know what you think....

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    Sounds like an awesome idea if enough people would do it!

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