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johnnyinabucket Sat Jul 30, 2011 08:13 am PDT Report Abuse

this is like your 3rd blog on RB's, 2 of which were identical to point .9999 % If you want to keep your readers, which you do or else why bother then mix it up some, I'll give ya a chance if you can gimme something NEW.

I have a request . how about an article with your research and personal opinions the best RB2's. You still get to write about RB's but I want to find out . who the best RB2 are? When to draft? Is their any RB2's you'd draft before an RB1? Their chances of becoming RB1's due to injury,age,performance,trade,ect? With standard and PPR taken into account. So considering goalline,3rd down,pass catching,wildcat RB2's would be great in your breakdown and the projected splits?Jets would probably have somewhere close to an 18-12 split between RB1 and RB2, while the texans might be somewhere around 24-6 split. I'd read that and even bookmark it for my personal draft research portfolio