So this year for the first year after trying the free online league where 90% of the people give up half way through the season I tried a paid live in person FFB league with my father in law and some of his friends. They had 2 open slots from people who didn't return in their 10 person league so I said what the heck. $135 entry fee, giving it a go.

During the regular season the break down was 5 players per conference week 14 starts the playoffs 1 game each match and the top 3 from each conference get in.

During the regular season I got whipped by the top 2 seeds in my conference both games we played, but I beat my father in law in 1 of our 2 games leading into a rematch in the final game of the regular season. 5-7 me vs 6-6 him. If I win I take the final seed in the playoffs.

I snagged it by 2 points. And then my team went on a ridiculous tear scoring top points every round off the playoffs KO'ing the #2, and #1 seeds in my conference, and the #1 seed from the other conference.

Think I may retire from FFB lol. Was looking to break even at the end of this year but I'll take a gain everytime! Of the 1350 with the breakdown of the winning I'm looking at a little more than half of it so I'm happy!