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    Angry Boy do the Texans suck or what?

    Boy do the Texans suck or what? How many ways can that defense blow a game? How do you go from the defense we had last year to the def we have now, in one season?
    The only thing worse than the Texans is the Cowboys. Good thing I like the Saints too.

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    Such a high powered offense to. Shaub is the man.

    The Cowboys problem is, when Romo goes down, there goes your season. I think they should tank the rest of their games to get a good draft pick

    Imagine you are me, and you are a LIONS FAN now

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    im a die hard texans fan but sure is hard to watch a game when you know what the out come is gonna be.

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    Could be worse, you could have been a Cowboys fan with the hype they had this year
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    I guess thats true in a way ! lol But the Texans are not doing well as they showed some promise after last years record that showed that they might be ready to enter the world of the NFL playoffs. If there is any blame it should be on the entire team not just the defense.Mario Williams is their star on defense and so far is having a falloff year
    from 2009-2010 that earned him another pro bowl selection. The Quarterback s doing well but some of his choices or is it the Coaches choices of plays sometimes leave a lot to be desired. So its the team as a whole that can improve their performance and also remember as the years go by the Nfl has become more balanced then before so its takes a solid effort from every team in the Nfl to gain victories week after week.

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