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    Fast and the Furious came out 6?

    No matter what language was at all?
    I saw some new videos .. Must be a site that shows summary ..
    Or the whole movie

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    I think they have milked this cow about as much as theyre going to....what is the story line going to be now...they should have left it alone after the first..or at least took some time inbetween to get a good story line

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    The last Fast and Furious I saw was Tokyo Drift, how they really come this far to make this?
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    rotflmao....what year are you from man?

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    Actually both Fast 4 & 5 movies are pretty good. I read they will make two more movies to end the saga, so w'll have Fast 6 & 7.

    Keep in mind, Fast 3 (Tokyo Drift) is the last of the series chronologically speaking. Both 4 & 5 take place before Fast 3 and both 6 & 7 will also take place before Fast 3.

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