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    eastbound and down

    series on hbo. i think its the funniest pay tv series ever. Kenny Powers character is hilarious. Stevie takes the cake as his sidekick. worth a try. my guess its a guy show

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    yea this show is fucking amazing...i heard they ended it after the second season? if thats tru i'll b really mad cuz i wanna know wat happens lol...and his midget sidekick in mexico was one of the funniest characters ever lol

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    This show is freakin hilarious. I love it..

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    Its not over. Eastbound & Down” gets a third season. What does it mean for Wilmington?
    by Jeff Hidek

    More good news for the local film industry…. probably. At least a little. I think.

    Deadline Hollywood reported today that HBO has officially renewed “Eastbound & Down” for a third season. This means fans of the bawdy comedy will get to see more of Danny McBride as washed out baseball pitcher Kenny Powers. What it means for Wilmington, though, is less clear.

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