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Thread: Broadchurch

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    So this is a British thriller/whodunnit show starring David Tennant and a bunch of other people that are recognizable if you've ever seen anything on BBC (they are remaking this in America under the name Gracepoint). 8 episodes, and all of them were outstanding, with a finale that must be seen to be believed.


    Watch the whole thing here: "BROADCHURCH" - Watch Online For Free on TubePlus

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    NOpe, this is not on my Comcast on demand BBC channel, comcast suck big balls.

    This is getting old. Were sick and tired of the Spurs owning us. This is the year we ride up to the challenge, Get the monkey off our back! We Believe GO Dubbssss!!

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    i love the shows on BBC! i watched this one too!! i was shocked at the ending! Copper is a good show on there also and Orphan Black! they have really good original stories on BBC!! Luther is a good one too!!

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