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    Breaking Bad Midway Finale


    Okay maybe it was a bit contrived how Hank finally put the pieces together, but I still think it was an awesome cliff hanger. The Walt Witman book was just a catalyst because with that information the rest is going to fall into place REAL FAST, for him.

    The money, his issues with his family, his constant snooping around the DEA office, his Chemistry background, are all going to fall right into place. The question is, what does Hank do with all of it. I think he will keep his cards close to the vest until he has more evidence.
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    I AM goiinggg to be lost on sunday nites withought breaking bad now((( i cant belive they just sh owed only 8 episodes after making every1 wait a whole year now too. they hoild just did all 16 episodes TYHIS Year now,, since its endning anyway..was kinda siily with him in the bathroom, and lightbulb going off bout who WW was lol, but was kinda funny too..of course the final episodes will be about walt and hank now and how they will finly end it..b ut since we goota wait another year for 8 more epissdoewss,, i guess we have to forget about it now lolol,.. i will really miss this show when its done tho.

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    its too much break not good aftr so much time so little bettr find something else to watch now mayb on youtube u can see remaining episodes sooner thn on tv..........

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    to bad we have to wait so long.Eagerly waiting for Dexter and Its always sunny in Philadelphia now ...

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    Hy All

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    Never seen the show, but I heard it is good.

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    best damn show period. lol .............

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    i'm not even going to read the previous posts because I can't get the goddamn show anymore...fucking Dishnetwork

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