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    From what I hear there is another poker movie coming out called "Runner Runner" with Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake. sounds like it should be a good one!

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    I never saw this film, someone advise? Where I can see the film? Help me please. Thank You

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    Usually I go to site called to watch all the movies I want, and they generally have everything streaming like a youtube type streaming, no download. They often change the site address and sadly I haven't seen this movie up there though. Eventually they will get it up there though, they always do.

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    im all in, then boom, got my AA crack by some crappy hand on carbon. what a day

    This is getting old. Were sick and tired of the Spurs owning us. This is the year we ride up to the challenge, Get the monkey off our back! We Believe GO Dubbssss!!

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