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    Wild west rebuy on lock

    very cool tourney u can buy in with as many chips as u want and rebuy with as many as u want for .50 cents. every .50 is 500 chips so i bought in for .50 cents and had a good run and then addon 10k for 50cents and took it down first try . i really like this because u can add on 20k in chips at one time if u want to. and for 108 dollar payday for first for a couple hour and only have to put up 50 cents is nice fast structure too...give me some feedback if u like this or not i really enjoyed how it worked...Capture.jpg

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    sounds like fun but it also soundsliek a gd way to chase ur tilt......Like
    How could I lose with AA 5x in a row!!! ... Cause 3 callers with suited connector cards keep calling you with huge stax!!! lol gl

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