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    Cool Unibet 100 PL Omaha Freeroll (1st place: 18 )

    Nothing much to brag about, wasn't really actually thinking to play this tournament today but still I did play it and I took it down for a 5 hours run.
    I was really happy for €18 euro I won from this freeroll since in the weekend I went both bad and good.
    You know what mean.
    I didn't even know why I even bother touching online BlackJack in the merged site, played it 3 times in rows and f*c**ng dealer hit BlackJack, lose $10 thanks for that.
    After for some quite loss in Come on! Poker I didn't make any profite from sunday game when I was playing small private tourney $5.50 with top 3 & $1k tourney that cost me $6.60 totally of $12.10.

    It will another week of grinding. ^_^

    Result for Unibet €100 PL Omaha Freeroll

    It was kind of suprising that I didn't went chatting while playing a tournament and it went so good too.
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