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    Second BIG10 takedown in 2 weeks!

    Not too amazing, but I am pleased! The level/amount of donks I had to wade through...omg...I can't even was a 3hr final table, fold fest, with a time bank exploiter to add the cherry to the shit sundae that was the final table!...In heads up I was a 5:1, got AA, he got Q5, then donks me with trip 5s on the 5min later I redonk with J2, Then finally my QQ takes his K9 down, BARELY!...Guys I earned every fucking penny of that win, I have went through so many emotions within these past 7 grueling hours, it amazes me how far these mouth breathing, drooling swamp cunts can get in these tournies! Absolute fucking donkies! I literally almost got busted in the 2rd hour, right around the 12th level. I'm sitting fat with 23k, and get KK. Needless to say, I got em cracked by KQ and left with only 3k. Somehow I made it through the shit storm of tards and clawed my way back up to mid stack. All it really takes after that is discipline. I folded literally 98% of my hands for a straight hour, picked up the occasional blind, but was generally the shortest stack until the final 6 at the FT. I was shocked to see the big stacks just freely giving away their chips with A9os, etc etc. In fact, that is how I literally got one guys chips off him, within 2 hands...AK and KK beat his A9 twice in a row, in 2 consecutive hands. Anyways I am tired as shit (mentally more than anything) and will now go sleep for 3 hrs (fuck) Hope you all have success out there, and remember this, ALL you need is a chip and a chair, the rest is just natural selection...happy hunting sharks

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