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    royal flush any good? lolz

    Dealt to moneyking [Td Kh]
    moneyking raises to 150
    carlo88 folds
    pokerdanny00 folds
    cheapsmack folds
    glitch folds
    greedysoul calls 125
    BonxBonxBonx calls 100
    ** Flop ** [Jh Ts Qh]
    greedysoul checks
    BonxBonxBonx checks
    moneyking bets 200
    greedysoul calls 200
    BonxBonxBonx raises to 1005
    moneyking calls 805
    greedysoul folds
    ** Turn ** [Ah]
    BonxBonxBonx checks
    moneyking checks
    ** River ** [Th]
    BonxBonxBonx checks
    moneyking bets 500
    BonxBonxBonx folds
    moneyking refunded 500
    moneyking wins Pot (2660)
    moneyking shows [Td Kh]
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    yikes nice hand

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    Nice hand "g" but wtf are you raising with my fav hand for? lmfao
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