Total Free Money Earned

Redeems: $280,439

BTC Rate: $7313.96

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    Experienced Member mshams115's Avatar
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    Feb 2013

    Poopboy916. Tourney 69989763 Hand 84, 06/06/2013

    mshams115 Posts Ante 25.00
    SquisheeeFishy Posts Ante 25.00
    tightskills007 Posts Ante 25.00
    DonkAtronic Posts Ante 25.00
    ThatWasGnar Posts Ante 25.00
    poopboy916 Posts Ante 25.00
    bmilless Posts Ante 25.00
    bmilless Posts SB 250.00
    mshams115 Posts BB 500.00
    SquisheeeFishy Folds
    tightskills007 Calls 500.00
    DonkAtronic Folds
    ThatWasGnar Folds
    poopboy916 Calls 500.00
    bmilless Folds
    mshams115 Checks
    mshams115 Checks
    tightskills007 Checks
    poopboy916 All In 1195.00
    mshams115 Folds
    tightskills007 Calls 1195.00
    tightskills007 Shows 4h,Ah
    poopboy916 Shows 9c,Qc
    poopboy916 Out
    tightskills007 Won 4315.00 from Pot 1 with Two Pair Aces and Fours

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    PokerOwned Demi-God NateVest's Avatar
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    Jun 2012
    tightskills007 post 200 points in market place for the bounty on poopboy916 and send me a PM once you do. Thanks.

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    Jun 2013
    Now if every player was like poopboy916, I think I'd be in a good spot ATM haha.

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    Elite PokerOwned Member snklzona's Avatar
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    Dec 2012
    Just curious how would that put you in good shape?????

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