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    News: 4/27 Newbie own Veterans

    After joining PO 2 Months ago KCLA places ITM 3 outta 3 Tournaments Sunday including a 1st place finish in the one-a-day Bovada Freeroll. After a shaky start KCLA55 has placed ITM over %30 in his last 10 tourneys hes played. Pokerowned members may have to start to wonder if they may be outmatched, after a bit more Exp by KCLA55 in the upcoming months.

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    i fail to see how we can be outmatched by a member that cant even work out how long hes been a member for O.o
    17:51 <PooffyFooffy> not everyone screws up things the way I can
    20:27 <PooffyFooffy> I could use all the help I can get, lol
    <PooffyFooffy>lol I have my share of duh moments, regularly, lol

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    Wow he gets on a good run of cards and now he thinks he is a poker god.....LMAO.....keep thinking that. Talk to me in another 3 months and see what happens then lol.

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    LOL.... KCLA55, tell KCLA55 that no one will ever be outmatched by someone that refers to themselves in the third person....

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    This thread is a fail....FAAAAAAIIIILLLL

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