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    My Saddest moment in poker

    Was playing on a 11$ Micro Million turney on pokerstars, 1st prize was 17.000$ was 5th with 45 Players left and was winning every hand i played, as soon as i got on a new table i went straight for the biggest stack there, was doing good for 5 hours, had 1.5 mio chips and more or less 3.000$ guaranteed if all i did was wait, but i didnt, went against 1st player, went for first prize....

    Had AQ diamonds and he had 66.

    On flop fell KK7 with 2 diamonds, i went in full force, the bastard called first huge raise i made for around 500k chips, he got 6 on turn... i got another diamond on river and went all in, so it was full house vs A flush, sadly i lost and got only 200$ reward it took me months to get over this fail.

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    That is still a great return on your investment. Congratulations, but I do understand what you are saying.
    As for saddest moments in poker, try living through Black Friday.

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    the glory

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    Yeah, really sad situation. I had the same on sunday million, I was really angry. But i hope you will lucky in future.

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