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    My biggest brag so far

    Most folks that play poker hope n dream to play there favorite game on television.
    Well I am one of the lucky ones to get to do just that.

    I won a $7,500 prize package, winner take all out of 276 players. 2nd got nothing.
    It aired on F.S.N. Fox Sports Network.
    You can view the game on YouTube.

    Poker Dome Episode 19

    I spent $2.20 to play a Private Forum game on Manson Poker back in 2006
    $5,000 for my seat, $2,000 for air fair n Hotel plus $500 spending cash.
    I hit one of my favorite spots to play the first night & walked out 3 hrs latter with just over $4,000
    Played the next day on TV, got drunk with one of the players & played at some poker rooms & had a blast.

    Thats just the short version of the story

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    thats awesome welcome and good luck

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    pretty cool, I won my 3rd round ticket when PokerStars has that Big Game promo, sent in my video but it looked lame next to a lot of what was sent in, needless to say I never got picked to play on TV

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    Very nice, mustve felt really good shipping that tournament then getting to play on a televised game. I dont think i'll ever get that opportunity lol

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    Well, what is your name so I know who to look for? I'm watching the video now.

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    That's definitely a very impressive brag. Were there any interesting hands, or was it all pretty standard?

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    nice job keep it going!!!!!!

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    Dude that's super! Soon you'll have a seat to the WSOP

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    nice, nice sounds like an amazing experience.

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    very nice. The best I have is being at annie dukes H O R S E table @ultimate bet,winning the pot, and got a "NH" from her..

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