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Thread: Lucky Kamikaze!

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    Lucky Kamikaze!

    I just thought this was hilarious. We were all about even in those Hero freeroll plo sngs, and we all agreed to kamikaze. The flop looked horrible, and looking at everyone's cards, I was scared seeing that that guy has a flush draw, wait, that guy does too, wait... that guy has the nut flush draw, and wait... oh crap, I have the worst flush draw off the bunch. Then I suck it out with two pair, lmao.
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    Well thats really crazy and bad luck to you, better luck next time

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    those plo's are a crapshoot kamikaze anyway! i find if i have two pair, it never holds, but if someone else does.....

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    bad luck... lucky next year )))

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    Who are you there anyway? I thought you took it down when you said lucky
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