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    lame client brag

    As title suggests, I know it's lame to brag about a client win, but just thought I'd share story. I had to pick 2 of my children up after school, so started out playing on phone while waiting for first one. Got a decent stack built up. Second pick up was late so I was able to play for awhile and get up to like 5-6K, then phone died. Heading home traffic was terrible. I had to make a stop on way, decided to see if I was still in it on my sons phone. I got logged in just in time to sitin, was down to 3 players, I had half a bb left and it was my bb, i won that hand. Somehow managed to win a few allins in a row and ended up getting back in it and eventually won, best comeback I've ever had.

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    Haha that's awesome madjek. It's funny that one can play poker on their phone and win while multitasking like that

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    Wtg madjek and well done indeed.

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