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Thread: justice

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    Smile justice

    i have had many pocket aces cracked lately; justice came my way tonite in the cake 1000 weekly qualifier. 3 hands ill describe. 1. i have ak off (bbs r 800) im early pos. and raise to 2400, the sb calls, the rest fold, flop is 7c, 3c and 8h, he checks i bet 1800, he calls, i got him on 2 big cards probably 2 clubs for a draw. 4s on turn , he quickly shoves his lasy 7k allin , i have 19k still, i think it out, i know my ace k high is good, i call, he turns over j10 of clubs( exactly what i had him on)river is a ten. i lose still have 12k in chips. about 10 hands later , the same guy raises 1bb to 1200 ,i have pocket 6s and go allin, he calls and has pocket aces, 22k in pot and i hit a 6 on river ( i busted him out), he is cussing at me on the chat but the idiot only had a 3 of 10 shot earlier on the river to stay alive. only 7 qualify, i build up to 33k in chips and a loose player raises 1bb , i snap shove allin with aces, and he calls with 8s. my hand holds up , im in 2nd with 68k and 9 players left, i fold out all the rest of my hands (AK twice)and i make it easily. justice was served and it felt so goooooooooooooood to make that 1 guy upset, i have him noted as loose semi idiot . winning with those 6s felt better than the 5 wins i had last week. i also have made the final table 4 times in a row at betsharks, about 20 final table in 1 week, 130$ on the week, well above my average.

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    very nice run yesterday it didn't matter what i had always guy would river runner runner or 77 over my pocket kk unreal almost freaked the f out oh well its a new day

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