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    Thumbs up Just Finished First In The PokerOwned BlackChip Freeroll

    Just Finished First In The PokerOwned BlackChip Freeroll
    40 entrants=1st!
    this one dude tried callin me fish at final table, he kept playin sht hands, showing them so i started callin him and took him down lol funny guy! couldnt have done it without u dude! THANKS, extra special Thanks 2 u !!! lol

    GoodGame to everyone else!! Thanks For Playing!!


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    Good Job!! well done.. Its always nice to take one down around here.. good luck on the felt!
    Failing to Prepare is Preparing to fail : John Wooden

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    Good job. I would like to finish in first once in awhile. A lot of good players in these tournaments

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