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    Jessica Simpson chat

    This is one I saw today... Hilarious! Okay, there's that player on Pokerstars that has a lady in a bikini for a pic. The lady is... "well-breasted"...

    RoCap0ne: hey Kanuk, nice pic
    ... No answer ...
    RoCap0ne: Wow, we live in the same area, maybe we could meet...
    RoCap0ne: Where do you live in Kansas?
    Kanuk705: First, I do not live in Kansas but in Kansas City, Missouri
    Kanuk705: Second, I am a guy.
    Kanuk705: Third, the lady on the pic is Jessica Simpson, if you do not know her, then no wonder why you try to hook up with people you meet on an internet poker table.... Loser
    benmoffet: lol
    Kanuk705: lol
    RoCap0ne: fuc.k you
    the dark violin marking is well defined, with the neck of the violin pointing toward the bulbous abdomen

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    lol, nice try nevertheless

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    that funny lol

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    What a loser.................players like him should have an "L" tatooed on their forehead.

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    I actually don't find Jessica Simpson that hot (Fat maybe)

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