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Thread: its about time

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    its about time

    finally got the monkey off my back. won the po at ub today. did get lucky. folded pocket 6s early that would have tripled me up against two allins on a-junk and a-junk. so i got 6s again and reraised the raise to allin and i hit a set to beat pocket 10s. then when it was me and (i forgot who)i won in 6 or 7 handswith an unbeliebable run of cards. ak , aqsuited, aj suited, reraised with pocket kings and he folded, jacks, aces and the last hand i was raised and pushed with a10 against queeens, floped an ace and that was it. so far in the last 7 days have made 99$. 25 or so on private freerolls. so my average is moving up from 60 a week. i only started these private rolls about 1 month ago. i would be content with 400 a month. i am very tired though. see u at the tables.

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    congrats good job man

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    nice keep it up

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