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    I think carbon hates me

    the last 3 tourney's or sit'n'gos i played today, I was knocked out by someone catching a runner runner situation. My favorite though was the guy with A 7 even though he didn't knock me out... me and one other guy are all-in in front of him and he calls for the rest of his chips, I show A K suited, second guy shows A Q unsuited, and then he flips over A 7 unsuited, flop helped noone, the turn came and gave him a gut shot, and the river gave him a straight. it might be one of those you gotta be there type of things, but it was funny cause like the hand before someone was talking about him being scared cause he limped in early position with A J since he was upset he got beat by the BB with a set of 4's (2 of which were on the flop with an Ace). I guess he was trying to prove he wasn't scared lol, chose a bad spot to do it but got lucky.

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    That's poker.

    Carbon doesn't hate or like anyone more than anyone else.

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    Agree with ssuglia I lose a bunch of times recently over Carbon Poker. O_o
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    I lost like $50 on Carbon you see me crying? There's no crying in poker lol

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    Carbon/Merge hates math. They insult the universe everyday with its software. But, alas, my AA all-in HU is up to 4 for 8 now (from 2 for 5) so maybe the poles are reversing. I didn't think AA was a coin flip. I still think the software is rakey skewed
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    your not the only1....i constantly see bs cards winning....i understand that not only good cards win mtts....b.c there are most mtts i dont get great cards but win hands b.c of the board connecting the right ways....but i cant stand 2 see every flop have n ace....or the same bs runner cards winning!!! fkin hate it

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    i think carbon just hates poker in general.. they love the rake

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    happens all the time on all the sites. just deal with it, gl

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssuglia View Post
    That's poker.

    Carbon doesn't hate or like anyone more than anyone else.

    Carbon is an equal oopportunity hater, it just expresses it at different times.
    "When a man with money meets a man with experience, the man with experience leaves with money and the man with money leaves with experience." anonymous quote

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    I like that saying carbon hates everyone equally

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