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    Apr 2011

    i hate the casino in carbon!!!!!!!!!

    i made like 48 bucks last night then go to play fucking black jack and lost it all.
    i send them an email to close the casino in my account.
    i fucking hate the casino !!!!!

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    Elite PokerOwned Member bishking's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Black jack is rigged. Ask anyone who plays a carbon, no one has ever made a profit playing that.

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    Jan 2012
    i hate the blackjack also will eat you up fast!!

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    Mar 2011
    what was you betting? cause if u were only betting a buck i dont see why you couldnt have quit after losing 4 or 5 bucks.. But i knida understand ur problem too cause that dam video poker gets me but i only allow myself 2 bucks to play with lose it and im done, i never chase my losses, Youll rarely win chasing after lost money.

    If i remember right or maybe it was absolute but u could go into setting or something and make it where the casino dont even show up.. but i may be thinking of absolute not sure
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    Black jack is rigged everywhere, when you raised the from a dollar the dealer will beat you everytime

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    Nov 2010
    Nope BlackJack is not rigged everywhere, but I do believe that those merged site is rigged.

    BlackJack in Titan Poker & Party Poker is not the same but still have lose money from it.
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    The casino for sure is rigged. That is not real blackjack.

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    May 2011
    wow......people actually admitting something at Merge network is rigged!!! Boy that gives their poker credibility now doesn't it!! So come on the Merge defenders,explain how everything is legit at Merge...... even the casino!

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    the problem with joker poker is it is fast action - I have won some nice hands there - but you have to know when to take money and leave just like a real casino

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    Playing black jack is 100% losing your bankroll in my opinion.

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