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    Home game adventures with Poke

    So yesterday went to this home game that i have gone to two times before. It is a VERY official game held three times a week. They play NLHE $1/$2 Tuesdays n Thursdays and .50 / 1.00 on sundays. It is in the hood, but is very covertly set up, fully equipped with cameras on the outside of the house, various dinner foods nightly, a waitress, drinks, and big screen TV.

    I would go to this game everyday if i didnt play online, plus i like taking peoples money non- face2face.

    Anyways got there at 4:00PM game started with 9 players. I bought in for $100.

    The group i play with is all older people with ass tons of money to lose i guess and i know most of them from bar poker. All in all they are idiot chase donkey stupid super fish. They know i play online, they know im better than them, the whole shibang.

    I will tell you about three pivotal hands.

    Early in the game theres some limpers, so i limp AA, guy to my direct left pops it to 3, guy to my right pops it to 14, i pop it to 28, original raiser folds and 14 guy calls. flop is xxx he checks, i shove, he folds.

    He musta got tilted after this cause he started straddling all his button (my BB) for $3. He likes to straddle and when the action gets back to him he raises 85% of the time. I had Q9o in the BB 1 time he did this, i figure Q9 annihalates his range so we see a flop. Flop is 9xx all hearts. I shove, he calls, no hearts hit and my 9 takes it. doubled up this time. now im sitting with $200 from my original $100

    Over time people started going bust and taking long sit out breaks n such so were were playing short handed. of course i have to unleash the beast 6 handed and shorter. I tried to make a move with AJ, but whole tables called pre and i just hit the breaks with AJ getting that many callers. Another hand i had 63 on the button raised and repped an ace very well, and got a guy to fold an ace on an AKxx board. Obviously people saw i was becoming aggressive which is great for my image imo, for when i hit the nutz.

    A few hands later (and after i announced i was leaving in 30 minutes) just as my 30 was coming up, i get JTo in the cut off. I raise, button calls all else fold, we are 5 or 6 handed at the time. The button is a stupid loose rich deep pocket donkey fish who prides himself on playing as such (he's "watched this game on TV b4" he says). Flop comes TTQ. I bet 75% of the pot just cause i know he will call. Turn is a 9. I bet 75% of the pot again. River is a T. I think 4 a bit. i know this guy is dying to bust me or make me look bad as he does so many times, so i shove allin. He wants a count, and in the middle of me counting he calls. i flip over and proclaim "quad tens"! scooped a $460 pot + 30 dollar quad bonus. I tipped the dealer ten. The guy says " i put you on a ten til the last one came out" typical fish thinking and i knew he would think that. Thats why i shoved $200 into a 50 dollar pot and knew i'd get a call.

    I did earlier double pot river bluff earlier trying to represent quads or a big boat n got this same guy to fold his baby boat. Maybe he just wasn't having it two times and wanted revenge.

    Very next hand he goes all in, i look down @ K4cc. i thought he shoved for 27 dollars. I looked at him n said i'll do whatever you say do. you say call.. i'll call... u say fold... i'll fold. He says " i shove to get called" plus table wanted me to call so i did. I was then informed his shove was for $47 not 27... that kinda sucked but hey it was his money. board comes xxx x x. I already showed my K4 but he didnt show his til the river. He flips over 22. He gets 47 bucks back off me and i them proclaim "OK, im gone". I felt ok leaving since i just donated back. Left with $400 bux in about 3 hours

    was a good sunday

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    Good work Poke, keep crushing and reporting in this thread!!

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    dude my dad came home last night and tell me the same story as this thread. Small world.

    This is getting old. Were sick and tired of the Spurs owning us. This is the year we ride up to the challenge, Get the monkey off our back! We Believe GO Dubbssss!!

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