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    High Hand Alert: Quad Queens

    I tried to submit this High Hand but the thing said I wasn't registered for the tournament, Which I clearly am. So hopefully I can post it here and some people can vouge for me and I can get the reward.

    Quad Queens.

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    Dec 2012
    its such a nice hand, but why you uploading this ? this is not working like this

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    niuce hand always nice when you are able to hit Quads good job

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    it wont upload cuz merge is still fked for promos and are waiting on a time pm zab directly with a screeny (or a mod) and they should be able to credit you
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    With Merges results page down, PO isnt getting reports of anyone registering for any of their games. That's why it said you weren't registered. Until they fix that, there isn't much we can do.
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    Nice Hand. It's always good to get Quads.

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    Nice hand. But I can't vouch for you for I was not at table.Hope you able to get paid .

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    This really sucks with merge having there result page down!!!!!!

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    Very nice hand and hopefully many more to come...

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    Every since carbon crashed, they've been having some issues. Until they fix it, I'm sure your screenshot will go through.

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