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    Heres a good one

    This guy and i were playing i had a stack of 800 points/chips he had right about the same i was delt awesome hands the whole game but guess who still lost he caught the River 7 times in a row i wanted to take my computer and slam on any thing and everything in my house

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    That is a GOOD one,except for spelling,punctuation and the post.Everyone here has heard a million bad beat stories.Since your new here, when you start a thread or reply to a post, the least you could is put a LITTLE effort in to it, even if you just want the 5 points.And if you spend any amount of time in the forum or chat room you will hear so MANY BB stories you,ll want to throw up. Welcome and have fun......

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    Fkkkkkk That sux - the one reason poker bores the fk out of me - those times when skill goes out the windo and your playing pull tabs. When your set flop gets fkt by a 1 card flush on river 4x in a row. wHo wants to play poker full time when your skill means nothing for a month or more - but the upswings are legendary if you can wait for them.

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    So am I correct in inferring that in Germany your gambling (craps, roulette, slots, black jack, lottery, etc.) winnings are not taxable? I find that very interesting.

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    wow no tax. thats awesome

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    there u go thats the spirit , slam it & post the vid

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