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    Thumbs up GC Gold Club 9c Series '10 Cash 08-22-11

    Well.. I managed to get a cash finish in the GC game tonight. Finished 17th for $21.75 with the 3 GCs I bought at a total of $6.57... made for a little better than $15 profit.. not too bad after some of the bad beats I took on the trip lol. These games are a very good value to enter.. especially one like this for $1500 and the GCs only a lil over $2 or so. Lots of rebuys you can see and add ons as well. I had to rebuy once and took that to 10k when the add on period started. Add on is for 5k chips..rebuys were 2k. Total paid out for all the entrants was like some where over $750... so a tourney for $1500 prize pool was a good deal. Is this kind of a donkfest...with all in idiots and such?...without a doubt.. but they are doable IMO.

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    Well done Datsme too bad you knock out earlier
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    Congrats for this result and better luck next time.

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    I love small tournys.

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