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Thread: First Cash Out!

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    Feb 2011

    First Cash Out!

    So I got up to $100, i had around $136 then lost about $34 , So i'm gonna have a check sent for $100! Start fresh with a new $20 next week, and try and do it again!
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    congrats now go for $1000 cashout good luck

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    PokerOwned God Paisleysky's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
    Congratulations buddy! I think $1000 a bit high for the second cash about $500 goal?

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    Seasoned Veteren
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    Which site are you cashing out from? Congrats on your first cash out!

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    anytime u can cashout its a good thing..
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    Cash out pocket money and try to win more money
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    I used to do that - but got tired of the variance running me low... Now I just blow half of it jumping up levels SS instead. No one likes reloading.

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    Cash out pocket money and try to win more money nice ....

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    Good shit!

    That's my goal for poker. All I do every paycheque is deposit about $100-$250 and play a couple ring games or bet on a hockey game or fight. If I lose, I don't play until next paycheque, but if I win I cashout. So far, I'm up about $500 or so mostly from sports betting. The odds at PartyBets are horrendous. They gave me 60% on Jason Miller vs. Michael Bisping... Miller had maybe 1% chance of winning...
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    if you don't do it maybe you will lose go for it

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