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Thread: feeling better

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    feeling better

    made 2 bad plays in betshark, as datsme53 can testify, i said no more stupid poker, just won the 10$ at feltstars EDIT- its final 3, i have around 135k, the other 2 have about 260k each. the hand that got me the lead, i have kj in sb. i call no raises , bbs r 10k, flop is rainbow- ace, 10, and a low card. i check, bb bets 20k, i go for the inside strait, turn is the most beautiful lady ive ever seen. i snap check, ( the other player already folded), he has an ace in the hole for a pair of aces, shoves allin, i snap call. my strait wins. busted him the next hand. kept the pressure on my final opponet and won in 6 or 7 hands.
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    good job way to over come buddy

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    VN a win always makes u feel better , i won that one one felt like 2 months ago,, but then i lost the money,, hehe. GL TO U !!!

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