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Thread: Et tu, PLO?

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    Apr 2013

    Et tu, PLO?

    Normally I avoid the tragic 2-outers of the hold-em world by playing pot-limit. However I can't get it in good enough sometimes it seems. I hit a 2-outer just to turn around and get 2-outered myself on the river.

    Starting Game #71073710-89
    OsoLUCKY is the Dealer
    Shuffling Cards
    theusual11 posted Small Blind $0.02
    graphetes posted Big Blind $0.04
    You Were Dealt (Js,Qd,Jh,8d)
    YallWatchDis raised to $0.08
    LordRassilon calls $0.08
    OsoLUCKY calls $0.08
    theusual11 calls $0.08
    graphetes raised to $0.48
    YallWatchDis calls $0.48
    LordRassilon folds
    OsoLUCKY folds
    theusual11 calls $0.48
    Dealing Flop (7d,Jc,7c)
    theusual11 checks
    graphetes bets $1.60
    YallWatchDis is All In
    theusual11 folds
    graphetes shows (As,3c,Ac,5d)
    YallWatchDis shows (Js,Qd,Jh,8d)
    Dealing Turn (Th)
    Dealing River (Ah)
    Uncalled bet of $1.36 returned to graphetes
    graphetes wins $1.97 from pot with Full House - Aces over Sevens

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    That type of scenario has happened to me too. My pair flops a set and the guy with Aces calls and hits a bigger set. It sucks. Sometimes they turn Aces though.

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    It's always an interesting ride online...Even when you flop the nuts, there's always a good chance that you'll get runner runnered.

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    Dec 2012
    Thats unfortunately why it is called flopping the nuts and not the nuts...

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    i play a lot of PLO and this happens regularly. it sucks but on the same token because you can get involved in a lot more hands like this where you are pushing in way ahead in PLO , as compared to holdem, you therefore see a lot more action hands which allows the 'long run' and statistical variance to even out in a shorter period of time. it s all about BR management and playing as many hands as you can so if you do in fact play with a positive ROI, it will bear itself out.

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    Thats just part of the game. You can't predict whats going to come. Shake it off and go on to the next hand.

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