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    Come to Bovada, get some donk meat!!!!

    So, I have been playing a few games at Bovada. Now, I heard there were some donkeys there, but, OMG! Some don't even know it! So, I'm in a 1k guarantee deep stack for $2.20...

    My first flop brought me top pair top kicker and a possible 4 flush, which I bet. One guy calls. Calls flop, calls turn, hit's a set on the river (I missed my 4 flush, so yes, he bet right into a 3 card flush. With bottom pair, no less. And I do not c-bet wussy amounts, mind you). Does he raise his set? Nope. Just calls.
    Funny part? CALLS ME A DONKEY! "I see the donks are fresh off the farm today". ROFLMAO. Of course, a few hands later, he calls a guys all in with two pair, against a (VERY OBVIOUS) made straight - 4 to the straight on the board. WOW!!!

    Later, I have my stack back to almost where I start, when I try a play from the button. The small blind had raised the last 4 times in a row, so I limped my AK knowing he would raise weak. When he did, I shoved. What's he do? Calls me, of course! What did he decide to put his game life on the line with? Why, the mighty 49 suited, of course! So, even though he won by hitting his nine, I'll take that action all day long. You want to take that garbage against a huge hand? Good luck with that.

    I stayed and watched a few hands and brave-donk lost when another player who saw what he did to me, repeated my move, only with a pocket pair of tens. Brave donks hand? This time he had the good ol 8-2 suited, of course! No, he didn't donk out that time, lol.

    I'm liking this site, It's just like a Merge free roll. Know I know how to adjust!


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    I see that all the time and you are right I don't get mad, it is people who play like that who I depend on to build my chip empire...but I often wonder are they thinking that they play correctly or that just if they throw enough chips at the hand and if they want it bad enough and if they don't deserve it that it will come??? You can almost see the shock on their face when it doesn't and they are felted...

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    I see this all the time...the problem is that I play stakes higher than I should, so these swings eat my roll before I get a shot to take advantage. After getting sucked out 2-3 times...its hard to stay motivated even though you know you are making the better plays.

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