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Thread: cmon

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    Jan 2013


    After running good this week my short session I lose 3 stacks within a hour
    AA < J8 flop 22J he pushes all in I call... turn 4 river J
    K10C < QJ flop QcJs8c turn Jd river Ac .... saw i might have been beat and guess I could have folded but I never will here
    KK < A7 flop AK7 turn 9 river A... this hand just sucked

    Does Carbon let you run good only to set you up later?

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    Feb 2013
    Carbon is known for those type of plays, I guess that the most efficient way to get rake.

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    Thats what you get from carbon and other sites as well. Either keep playing on the sites or not. But we all just say, whatever and keep plyaing.

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    Absolutely brutal...hopefuly there will be a couple of hands soon that make up for

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    yah its all the variance sucks but just got to push through it

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