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    BOVADA late last night in the morning

    so i go on my bovada account, play on zone, then lose the 7 dollars i won earlier. had .38 cents left. transferred it to bovada casino. played 1cent 1 line on online joke. made it 2 dollar. then 7. then 40. then took 15 out and went back on zone poker .10/.25 cent. owned it in like 15 mins and tripled up ,my 15.00. I lost some of it after tilting from trying to recreate my luck. but I guess i got lucky .
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    Sounds like a good night when all was said and done lol yeah you got lucky for sure!!
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    Soundz like a great night!

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    nice job, iv never done well on tht site, so i dont play there much other thn for here

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    Reminds me of my other days. played a freeroll on blackchip. cashed for .55 cents and played short stack .01/.02 till i had enough to move up and when i was up to 11 bux i bought into PLO hi/lo tournament and cashed for first for almost 70$. and got cocky of course and bought into a 12k garunteed and a few more small PLO games and busted... it was fun though! if only i could practice Bankroll management...

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