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    Bankrollmob Tourneys

    Not the greatest victory, but I was proud of it. I came back from pretty far behind at one point due to an amazing string of luck, but I'd been waiting all tourney for hands so I earned it.

    Hopefully more to come.

    Feel free to post any other BRM stories here instead of creating new threads.

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    when I was in the BRM tourney there was 3 russians at my table and at least 1 of them would all in every hand... I ended up shoving with pocket 10's and got beat by an 8, 6 or something like that lol. Kinda made me laugh, the funny part was people on the table were talking in chat and saying "typical Russians" made me laugh.

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    well, that is great jimmy, i always wondered about those Brm tournaments and glad to see that you finished third, that is ok , not as good as fisrt but you placed in a very good spot and that is great. Always had fun here at thi forum and glad to see someone do good and win a little cash at the same time. Keep up the good work and maybe you will finish higher nest time around !! Good luck !!!

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    nice u gotta start to get hot some how good job

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    I just think for the moment that bankrollmobs freeroll have got worster than before or what you think? I believe so since they open up late register on purpose to make people register include these password leakers.
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    russians have a tendancy to play "it's better to burn out, than to fade away" which can be a strong tactic as it curtainly puts pressure on the oppents and starts people going on tilt easier and harder to read what hands they have. My main way to deal with this thuggery is to play it back to them, not all in mind but rather 3 times BB start and do continuation bets through out the hand, done it to a fair few who eventually fold and breaks there habbit of the all-in mentality....... usally lol

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