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Thread: Bad Beat

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    Bad Beat

    Just wondering how many out there has been beaten (like me), more times then I can count ha ha. Having poket aces and being called by another player with the same (different suits of course) and the flop and the turn all come out same suited for the other player to beat you with a flush?

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    lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lll hahahah

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    KJs is a good hand , but on the flop 25A , the chanses are low. Must be folded.AA is dangerous hand , but raise preflop is a better then ALL IN preflop.

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    Odds and outs... that's all I have to say...

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    i hate it when i play smethnig like AQ against A5 and my opponent is hitting the 5 on the river although is raised preflop, flop and turn...
    i just hate suckouts like these ^^

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    whether people believe it or not 2 and 3 outers are no where near as common live as they are online. Grab a deck of cards and run it yourself and see how often it comes vrs online.....

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    When itīs happen, turn off your computer and go sleep...

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    I just got 2 bad beats yesterday, going to see if I can do better this time, well today since is past over Midnight on my country.

    I lose $20 on FTP and $20 on PS.
    First of all I lose $20 on a PL 5-draw Cash game. I draw one card I hit the boat.
    The other guy had quad.

    Not many people here don't talk anything else than Holdem.

    Next one is on FTP.
    Some Brazilan survived with his pocket 6.
    I can't believe he reraise with that hand, after that I push with my AK.
    I got a feeling that he didn't have any monster hands.
    This were 2nd time I meet a luckbox as him.
    No one hit anything, got more outs there him.
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