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    Baby needs bottle with the worst timing ever!

    My fiance was in the shower and our baby girl was sleeping next to me. She wakes up and I pick her up and we play poker together for a couple minutes then all of a sudden she NEEDS fed right away. I run to get the bottle and warm it up and all that jazzzz...when I get back....I took too long and my BB hand (Q3) was folded. The flop comes and its a Q63, turn is another Q and I'm now getting spit up on....trying to calm zee little one. Just somewhat of a funny story n thought I'd share...not that I'm complaining, it was one of the Carbon PO Freerolls so i didn't exactly ''lose'' lol And my baby girl is awesome

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    Welcome to father hood just wait a couple years ! You will never play a game again unti'll there 7!lol !Kidding,..... but pretty close to 7! LOl I have 2 girls!

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