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Thread: 777''s

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    Sevens killed me 4 times today. The last two times
    cost me the tournament. Did they put me on tilt?
    Only the last two. So. how do we keep from going
    on tilt after we just lost half our chips or more? The
    first two I walked away and took some deep breaths.
    The last two, I was flat out in shock. Is it bad luck?
    Maybe...or just maybe it's just the way the cards
    fell for me far anyway.

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    I lost twice when I got an A river in back to back games. Yeah it feel like it was more rigged than bad luck. I swear you notice that an A alway hit rivers more than others.

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    When you wrote 777 I thought you won in a slot machine game or something like that
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    hehe sometimes i get same problem, for example one day 88 killed me 4-5 times, crazy :/

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    Just bad luck! Play some more free rolls... I see you joined in Dec - so did I... U missed out on $100 fre money I'm guessing by not playing here. That should help you stay afloat through variance a little.

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