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    Nov 2010

    Talking 1st place: $100 - $500 Fishmarket FR at [Red Kings]

    Well, I actually didn't expect I would take this tournament down.
    I usually not playing at this site but saw this freeroll so why not go ahead and play.

    Direct link: http://problackbird.files.wordpress....shmarketfr.jpg
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    Way to go. You know what they say, when ya least expect it, expect it.
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    great job. nice win congrats

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    nice one Big Bird, hope to see more congrats!!

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    Nice win...I wish I had some of those, lol. I've been running so cold lately, looks like I know where my luck went

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    Mar 2011
    Job well done Pbb. Grats and guess you going to start playing there a little more eh lol
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    Jun 2012
    Can usa players play here??? Nice win also.. Kick butt. I will check it out and see.

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    Elite PokerOwned Member P0K3R4F00D's Avatar
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    Oct 2012
    nice win. thats how i felt wheni won a freeroll with 5k players. never expected and was shocked to place 1st in that big a field
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    Congrats man. Hope things go well for you. I am super jealous that you get to play on stars. Maybe in the near future I will move to play on stars.

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    Apr 2011
    Grats to you, very well done indeed.

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