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    Are you banned from Matomy?

    I'd like to compile a list of those that are banned FOR NO REASON THAT YOU KNOW OF so I can submit a list all at once.

    Let me know
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    they banned you because who use proxy, socks, and vpn. so this is the new rules on matomy money.

    By the way, "Do not steal! ... The government do not like competition...! ''

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    no i am not ban myself, but nothing will convert for me anymore..fml

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    same no conversion.

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    I was but I emailed them and they fixed it. I am however banned from Super Rewards it seems. Which you told me you were gonna email them about like over a week ago. Appreciate any help with them, thanks!

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    Yes I am banned from Matomy, not sure exactly why.
    "Maybe Poker's Just Not Your Game"

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    I was blacked out for a day then reinstated like it was s software thing.

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