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Thread: Today's news

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    CEO - Truth Commission rivdee's Avatar
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    Today's news

    I'll get all of it out in one thread:

    First of all, happy fathers day to anyone with kids. For anyone trying to have kids, happy fathers day a few years from now. For CKC - happy fathers day x 35.

    Second, as I posted yesterday, I am cleaning up the loan shark and the people who have been in default for a long time. See the details here: Loan Shark defaulters, this is for you

    Third, the redeem schedule will be a little delayed today as I will be occupied for a lot of the day. Will run any redeems tonight when I return.

    Finally, I'm looking for a mod for the site, as listed here: PO Mods
    If you are interested or just want more info, PM me with questions or why you think you would be good here. Person must have rudimentary knowledge of the offerwalls.

    Have a great day.

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    I'm sucking eggs at these offer walls so count me out. Thanks for the fathers day shot out though

    20:58 <Poof> I would trade my husband for gisele
    18:37 <thepokerkid> @thepokerkid: and stop thinking about gay things

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    LMAO how did I just see this. Thnx Riv. Hope you and everyone out there had a good day, Fathers/non Fathers/Mothers/non Mothers alike.

    Only one that didn't is named Emil. Tomorrow should be Happy Emil Day.

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