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Thread: Sorry im late

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    Sorry im late

    Some upgrades long over due.. The bankroll buy back is almost done.. but probably won't get done this week and it's my fault.

    Long story short, no need for sympathy.. I am moving my grand father into an assisted living place and its eaten up most my time the last week or so..

    I will have it live shortly!
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    sorry to hear zab. youve done plenty for the community so if youre a little slow due to family issues im sure everyone is fine with that.

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    no need to worry, you are doing a great job here...

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    Awww sorry to hear that Zab, you have to do what you have to do. These things will still be here. Thank you for the update and good luck.

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    yeah zab take your time any upgrades can wait , take care of the important things in life

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    Your priority should be with family....I'm sure nobody minds if you let some things lapse

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    take all the time you need for all we care

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    not a problem, if somebody working on it, good job :P

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    sorry to hear Zab, family always comes first. Thanks for the update

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    Just remember Zab. Family comes first don't sweat the small stuff.

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