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Thread: Referral Guide

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    Referral Guide

    In an effort to continuously expand our community, here are some tips to get referrals for the site. All of this can be found in the PO guide.

    What is a referral and what are the benefits?
    A referral is someone who signs up to pokerowned using a referral link you provide them with, which can be found here. You will get 10% of that users earnings FOR life (not including client tournament wins and contest wins, just offerwall earnings).

    The internet is a big place, where do I start?
    There are many different approaches you can take, but here are a few I've found to be successful:

    - Search for forums related to what we offer on the site: you can use offerwall terms like offerwall, get paid to, surveys, paid emails, tasking, or you can use anything related to poker. Most forums allow referral links to be posted within moderation.

    - Reddit has a sub-forum called beer money, which is an entire group of people who earn money on offerwalls. Promote the site over there and tell them the benefits of our community, and any referral you get over there will most likely be a very good one. Make sure to read their rules on posting - they will ban people that violate their terms and conditions.

    - Go on sports sites like, etc, and post your ref link and a little blurb about why you should come to the site in the comments section.

    - Making related and appropriate comments on blogs and including your referral link is an easy and free way to advertise. You could also start your own blog for free by using one of the more common blog sites (blogger, wordpress, etc.). It can be a personal blog just about your life or one specific to pokerowned. Always use keywords (the same stuff as the search terms you are using) to make sure your blog has a better chance of being found in search engines.

    - Your off-line friends: you never know who is interested.

    - Your on-line friends / social media: posting about your experiences with a reflink is a good way to get visibility for the site to not only your group of friends, but their group of friends as well, or join facebook groups by searching for the same terms I've listed above to get even more of a target audience. Facebook, Twitter, etc. are great places with millions and millions of users that you can target.

    - Youtube videos: Why not show off your sense of style and talk about pokerowned? Create a video with a name that represents the site and/or what it offers, and show a video of how easy it is to convert offers and get paid. Great for visual learners.

    Is there a limit to how many referrals I can get here?
    NO! The more the merrier, and if you get hard-working referrals, you would be amazed and what you can make. If you get 10 people to the site that make 50K in pts a day (only 5 bucks), you would make 50K pts a day, which is 1.5 million points in a month.

    My referral isn't really doing anything here. Any ideas?
    For people that are new at earning on offerwalls, it can be a little frustrating. Make sure all of your referrals have read our pokerowned guide (which can be found right here. It also helps to spend a little time with them to get them started. Once someone gets the hang of it and starts making some money, its easier to keep them rolling.
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